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Join JFC Logistics Inc: The Opportunity for Expert Transporters

Benefits of collaborate with JFC Logistics Inc

At JFC Logistics Inc, we value the experience and professionalism of the carriers that are part of our network. If you are a dedicated driver with a proven track record, we invite you to join us and be part of our trusted team.

Evaluated Network of Carriers

You will be part of a network of evaluated and reliable carriers, where transparency and quality are essential.

Custom Quotes

Get access to personalized quote requests from customers looking for reliable carriers. 

Visibility and Opportunities 

With a growing customer base, we offer you constant visibility and continuous relocation opportunities.

Direct Communication with Clients

Establish direct communication with customers to provide them with real-time information about the status of their transfers.

Want to join  JFC Logistics Inc?





Online Registration

Complete our simple online registration form. Provide information about your experience, vehicle type and availability.

Evaluation and Verificationn

Our team will review your information and perform an evaluation to ensure it meets our standards for quality and reliability.

Online Acceptance

Once approved, you will be part of the JFC Logistics Inc. network. Get access to transportation requests and start taking advantage of opportunities.


Registration for Transporters

Thanks for applying, we'll be in touch!


Join us at JFC Logistics Inc and be part of a team dedicated to providing quality vehicle transportation services throughout the United States. Your experience and professionalism are essential to the success of our community. Sign up today and start growing with us!

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