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Your Reliable Partner in National Vehicle Transportation in the USA


Your transportation experience, simplified and reliable

At JFC Logistics Inc, we are proud to be your trusted partner for vehicle transportation throughout the United States. We offer comprehensive and efficient solutions to ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination safely and on time.

National Transportation

With coverage spanning every state in the United States, JFC Logistics Inc is your number one choice for domestic vehicle transportation. Whether you need to move a car, truck, motorcycle or heavy vehicles, we are ready to meet your needs.

Modern Fleet and Qualified Professionals

All companies associated with JFC Logistics Inc are rated by customers, providing you with security and confidence in each vehicle transfer.

Safety First

The safety of your vehicle is our top priority. We implement rigorous security measures and protocols to guarantee the protection of your investment at every stage of the transportation process.

24/7 Assistance

Our team is available to provide you with the assistance you need throughout the entire process of moving your vehicle.


Request Custom Quotesace

Complete our formular and receive personalized quotes quickly and easily.

Compare Rates

Browse through the offers and compare rates intuitively. 

Relax While Your Vehicle Travels Safely

After choosing the ideal option, relax and let us take care of the rest. Your vehicle will be delivered safely and carefully, meeting the highest quality standards in vehicle transportation. At JFC Logistics Inc, your peace of mind is our top priority.

Why Choose JFC Logistics Inc?

Experience and Reliability

With years of experience in the industry, JFC Logistics Inc has proven to be reliable in transporting vehicles nationwide. Trust us to meet your expectations.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team is ready to answer all your questions and provide assistance at any time. We care about your satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations.

Custom Quotes

We understand that each client is unique. We offer custom quotes to fit your specific needs and budget. Get your quote today.



Melanie Young, CA

"Amazing service! JFC Logistics Inc made moving my car so easy. From quote to delivery, everything was transparent and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality, reliable vehicle transportation."
  • What is the process for obtaining a vehicle transport quote?
    The process is simple. Complete our online form with details about your vehicle and destination. You will receive personalized quotes from our vetted carriers in no time.
  • How do I choose the right carrier for my vehicle transfer?
    After receiving quotes, explore other customers' reviews to make an informed decision. Transparency is key at JFC Logistics Inc, and we want you to choose the carrier that best suits your needs.
  • What security measures do you implement during vehicle transportation?
    The safety of your vehicle is our top priority. Our carriers follow rigorous protocols, and many are insured. Additionally, you can contact the carrier directly for additional information.
  • What types of vehicles can be transported by JFC Logistics Inc?
    We transport a wide variety of vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to heavy vehicles. Whatever your need, we are prepared to manage transportation.
  • How can I track my vehicle during transport?
    We provide regular updates on the status of your move. In addition, you will be able to communicate directly with the carrier to obtain real-time information about the location of your vehicle.
  • What is the difference between a closed transport and an open one?
    We offer both options. Enclosed transport provides additional protection against weather and dust, while open transport is more economical and suitable for most vehicles.
  • How long does it take to receive a quote and schedule my vehicle move?
    Time may vary, but you will generally receive quotes within hours. The scheduling of the transfer will depend on the availability of the carrier and your flexibility of dates.
  • How do you handle unforeseen problems during transportation?
    Our team is prepared to address any issues that may arise. We will keep you informed and work to find quick and effective solutions.
  • . What are the accepted payment methods?
    We accept various payment methods, including credit cards and bank transfers. Payment details will be discussed during the booking process.
  • What should I do if I have more questions or problems during transportation?
    We are here to help you. Contact our customer service team by phone or email, and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have throughout the vehicle shipping process.
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